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[SMOD] Exotic ScrubServer is live and well Enjoy
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[Donator] Matt.k11 months 18 days 22 hours 54 minutes 40 seconds cant wait!!!
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[SMOD] Exotic ScrubExile Esseker server release is tomorrow at 9pm A.E.S.T
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[SMOD] Exotic ScrubExile Esseker server is in testing stage and i will let you know when released
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[Donator] Boa   well thats not an answer mate
[Admin] Scotty   12 months till release?? wtf scrub haha
[Admin] ScottyBunch of muppets haha
`RevoRoT plz come back xx
`RevoHow is this still going
[Helper] Banana PeelRip good knowing yas
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[Helper] Banana Peel   Pez smells btw
CLynxx is free
AllahuakbarGoatwhats crackin, not dead yet btw
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